#73 Camberley Heath

Architect: Harry Colt I’ve written a lot about the faultless tapestry that is heathland golf. The palette of pine, sand and heather blends together seamlessly and the array of hues and textures flood your senses. Camberley Heath exemplifies Surrey Sandbelt and is blessed to have the added bonus of elevation change. Whilst length is notContinue reading “#73 Camberley Heath”

#89 Hadley Wood

Architect: Alister MacKenzie What are the craziest greens you’ve played on? I have rolled the white ball across some quirky surfaces in my time … Woking, Deal and Sandwich spring to mind. But none compare to the theatrics we suffered on that Sunday. ‘Suffered’ may have negative connotations, but we’re used to this. Golf isContinue reading “#89 Hadley Wood”

#31 Worplesdon

Architect: John Abercromby and Willie Park Jr. Heathland golf always seems to deliver convivial play amongst the glorious palette of pine, heather, grass and sand. Worplesdon could quite easily be the finest example of such an environment. Despite setting off in less than ideal temperatures with greens as receptive as a toddler tantrum, our fourballContinue reading “#31 Worplesdon”

#43 Walton Heath (New)

Architect: Herbert Fowler I recently wrote the following of The New Course as part of the Surrey County rankings: Intertwined with The Old and only marginally less entertaining. If it wasn’t for the plethora of neighbouring class, this would be up there with its brother. Truer words have never been spoken, if I do sayContinue reading “#43 Walton Heath (New)”

#44 Southport & Ainsdale

Architect: George Lowe & James Braid Golf is more than just hitting a little white ball across grass. Sometimes it throws up experiences that you value for the rest of your days. Southport & Ainsdale played host to such an event. People are often at the source of said experiences, and this day we encounteredContinue reading “#44 Southport & Ainsdale”

#58 Delamere Forest

Architect: Herbert Fowler A pot of Earl Grey, sipped out of club china. Eyes fixed on the quartet of holes displayed before us. Unremitting land movement, drawing one’s eyes to the horizon – greens glistening in the morning light with swathes of tight turf hugging each and every undulation. Delamere Forest presents a golf experienceContinue reading “#58 Delamere Forest”

#100 Remedy Oak

Architects: Jonathan Gaunt & Jon Jacobs I often find that new courses struggle to blend into their surroundings. Aesthetics collide and the design is far from organic. The site at Remedy Oak forced Gaunt & Jacobs to be considerate and compassionate with their composition. With woodland over 100 years old, an empathetic touch was obligatory.Continue reading “#100 Remedy Oak”

#12 Walton Heath (Old)

Architect: Herbert Fowler It has been a very busy end to the summer. September and October brought blue skies, 20-degree sun-drenched afternoons and thus the season for shorts was elongated. Business was good, but this meant it was a little trickier to get out on those fairways myself, in conjunction with daylight deciding to playContinue reading “#12 Walton Heath (Old)”