#2 Sunningdale (Old) cont.

A tale of Dale – With and without the sticks Sunningdale has given me many many memories … successful school matches, 36-hole days caddying or golden hour tee times on a Sunday. But these two days in July will be among the best moments I have ever had in golf, let alone on Ridgemount Road.Continue reading “#2 Sunningdale (Old) cont.”

Golf Post ‘Post Lockdown’

Listen. Lockdown and in general, COVD-19, has been awful. Inconsistencies all over the gaff. The only consistent thing has been my golf. I should probably count how many rounds I’ve accrued. Maybe not how many balls I’ve hit. Although COVID-19 may be extinguished by the time I’ve finished calculating. Personal Game I really feel likeContinue reading “Golf Post ‘Post Lockdown’”